Breast Cancer Diagnosis 
You and your diagnosis 
Finding out you have cancer can be a shock and it can be difficult to take everything in. Cancer is a word that stirs up all sorts of emotions. It's diagnosis can be your worst possible fear and it's easy to feel that your life and future has suddenly been turned upside down. However, a diagnosis of cancer doesn't mean that you have to give up hope. Although it is a serious disease, the future is far from bleak; every year, thousands of people are cured from cancer and many more benefit from treatment that can slow down, or halt the growth of cancer and treat its symptoms too.  
Piece of mind  
If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, it is important to feel that you will be in good hands. You are likely to meet lots of different health professionals at different stages of your cancer journey. Your cancer specialist team is made up of many cancer experts with a range of different experiences and skills. Each person in the team will play a part in making sure your treatment and care are the best they can be, to make sure you get the best possible treatment, care and support.  
Get in Touch 
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Throughout your journey you will be in contact with many healthcare professionals, it is really important for you to take time to gather your thoughts. All the questions you want answered write them down. You will meet many people including: 
An Oncologist 
Breast Surgeon 
Breast Care Nurse 
Social Worker 
Hospital Pharmacist 
As well as many other nurses and doctors. All of these people have your best interests at heart so talk to them. Tell them how you feel; they will get you the right kind of help. It is really important no matter what diagnosis of cancer that you get, that you stay as positive as you can for your own well being and better quality of life. When people say live each day as if it’s your last, they certainly have a point. 
It really does help when you have someone with you at each appointment who can listen to what the doctors are saying and then tell you what they said. 
If you feel that you have no one you can talk too then this website is for you because we will try and give you all the help and support you need. 
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