Local café Grounded Espresso Bar situated at Monaghan Street Newry teamed up Pretty ‘N’ Pink in 2012 to raise awareness amongst women to have regular breast screenings at a time when new research has revealed one in 11 women in Northern Ireland is at risk of developing breast cancer. 
The ‘Don’t be a Mug, Check you Jugs’, slogan was emblazoned across Grounded Espresso Bar cups in Newry highlighting the importance of women checking their breasts for lumps. Graeme Finnegan, founder of Grounded explained the concept of the cups. “I had the pleasure to meet up with Pretty ‘N’ Pink’s founder, Noleen Adair, who since setting up the charity seven years ago has worked tirelessly raising awareness and providing help for breast cancer patients and their families throughout Northern Ireland. 
She told me about the services her charity provides for breast cancer patients throughout the country. And when you talk to this lady it’s very easy to see how passionate she is, how much effort she puts into the charity and the people who know her and those who have benefited from the charity have the utmost respect and admiration for her constant work. 
Over a cup of coffee we brain stormed on how we could work together to raise awareness of the charity, the condition and the importance of self-checking! When we were leaving Grounded Espresso Bar and getting a brew for the road, that’s when it came to us - to put the message on a highly consumable product, which can sit in the office, at home, in the car, everywhere you take you brew”. 
Recent statistics from the Northern Ireland cancer registry reveal incident rates are climbing in Northern Ireland at 1% per year while the mortality rate is falling by just over 2% per year because survival rates are improving. There was an annual average of 1,104 cases of women in the north being diagnosed with the disease between the years 2004 -2008. 
Noleen Adair is all too familiar with breast cancer having been affected by the disease since the age of 22. Now at 35 she is still battling cancer with sheer determination and a remarkable amount of energy. Since setting up Pretty ‘N’ Pink she helps woman throughout the province in a similar position. She manages to find the strength to sky dive, complete challenging treks and donates money through a charitable fund to help women and families who are not in a position to buy wigs, homeopathic treatments, childcare, transportation to hospital or have a memorable family day out. In just seven years she has raised over £500k. 
Noleen said, “I am delighted that Grounded Espresso Bars in Newry had agreed to support the work of Pretty ‘N’ Pink and to raise awareness of breast cancer in Northern Ireland. Coffee is often a social gathering for women and I hope the cup will encourage women to talk about breast cancer and realise that there is support amongst friends and organisations that can offer help. When we developed the idea of the coffee cup I asked support groups to devise a statement and it was recovering patient Aisleen Clenaghan, who thought of ‘Don’t be a Mug, Check you Jugs’”. 
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