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Fundraising that rewards YOU. 
Save & Donate
Save & Donate is a new concept from a Northern Irish based firm, which aims to incorporate fundraising into the daily lives of online shoppers. 
Save & Donate have partnered with hundreds of popular retailers to reward both YOU the consumer, and US the charity. 
How does it work? 
The retailer pay's a commission to Save & Donate, who then pass this commission (100%) onto the consumer and the charity. The commission is split 50:50 between the consumer and the charity, therefore you are actually saving money on your purchase whilst donating to charity at the same time.  
The consumer may also choose to pass their 50% savings onto the charity thus giving the charity the full 100% commission from the retailer. 
Each retailer sets their own commission rates. These commission rates, along with the terms and conditions for each retailer are indicated on each retailers section on the Save & Donate website. 
How to 'Save & Donate'. 
Simply register a free account today to start shopping with hundreds of popular online retailers. In order to take advantage of savings for both yourself and the charity, you must remember to shop via the Save & Donate website rather than directly with the retailer. After that your shopping is exactly the same as if you were doing so direct, you pay the same price as you would if visiting the retailers site direct, now also earning cash back on your purchase. 
Is there a charge for the consumer to shop with Save & Donate? 
It is free to register with Save & Donate to shop. 
Save & Donate will retain the first £10 of the consumers savings from shopping with Save & Donate each year. Take note though that this is the first £10 from your savings on commission from the retailer that you would not ususally receive if shopping direct with the retailer. 
How to sign up. 
To start your shopping, saving, and donating simply click here. 
Trying to beat the post January blues and thinking of booking a summer holiday, why not do so through Save & Donate? 
Save & Donate
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