Your cancer journey can be expressed in different ways. The poem below is one girls way of expressing her journey. 
※ Dance with life ※ 
On this journey I have met many graceful and courageous women. 
Beautiful warriors, audacious and dignified they move with poise in the face of their music 
Besieged by an orchestra of uncertainty. A forest of indistinct shadows cast pain, tears, distress, isolation, contemplation, 
decisions, vulnerabilty, humility hope, trust and love.  
This thicket engulfs their very essence making it difficult to breathe. 
Yet these warrior women stand tall and embrace this challenge knowing that they have to dance to this music.  
The tones plunging them into the deepest place a soul can imagine. 
Dignified and graceful she moves centre stage, eyes wide, her ears listen earnestly to the music playing in this deep dangerous wood, sounding like a bell ringing through a still night. 
Her dance is her own but she is not in control of the music, caught in this hurricane she feels like a women taken by the wind 
Gallantly she takes her place on the centre stage of life. 
This dance demands her courage, integrity and grace. 
So many onlookers watch with admiration and regard stealing a glimpse of the dance they fear. Only her loved ones consider taking her place and dancing her steps in a desperate attempt to repress her pain. 
She dances by the rules desiring and wishing an acceleration of the vexatious cyles.  
She dances with passion and all her heart. 
This dance conveys her story, her vulneralbility, determination and power. It provides purpose, direction, reality and life. 
Initially a solo dance but as time passes it becomes an ever more inclusive dance enabling deepening relationships, allies and confidants. 
This strenghtens her conviction and spirit in this war with Cancer. 
Her armour includes her dance, her new insights, her mantra and her army of family and friends old and new.  
She makes peace with the music taking back control. 
The music continues and her dance evolves but is not without struggle. She is fatigued and laden with weakness, yet she dances on through pain, loss, grief and fear. 
As she moves subtly, her ears pick up the familiar sounds that comfort and console her. Whispers of encouragement and words of advice from family and friends alike restore her optimism and fight. 
This dance nutures, embraces and heals. This dance helps her laugh and cry, It expresses her sadness, happiness and fears 
The music of this dance is now ending, 
Though she is feeling as anxious to end this dance as she was too embrace it.  
Nonetheless the easy silence comes as sweet relief. 
The beat of the music is now her own heartbeat. 
She listens intently and pauses for an insight at the joy in her heart. 
The lovely Geri click her photo to read her story 
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